January 31, 2020

ATS’ new branding and naming strategy set to unify its 1,400 employees and differentiate its aerospace industry offerings

Everett, Washington (January 28, 2020) ― ATS, an award-winning provider of airframe MRO and component support services, unveiled its new branding strategy at its recent Quarterly Leadership Meeting. The changes include a new visual identity which simplifies its name and logo to ‘ATS’, and an updated naming structure of its business units; Both changes aim to better represent the company’s evolution.

Since 2013, ATS has expanded its Everett, WA footprint and capabilities to include:

  • heavy maintenance and airframe modification operations in Kansas City, MO and Moses Lake, WA;
  • asset acquisition/teardown activities, a component sales and inventory distribution center (Ranger), three component repair facilities (American Cooler, TAC and TPS), and a machine shop (AIR) in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX; and
  • PMA development, with a portfolio of nearly 100 parts.

“It’s an exciting time at ATS as we enter our 50th year of providing MRO and support services for aircraft and their components,” stated Matt Yerbic, ATS CEO. “It has become more apparent over the last five years that we need to do a better job of clarifying who we are and what we bring to our industry.”

“Our new visual identity and brand promise are inspired by our forward-thinking aims and rooted in our desire to always be caring and humble – and to do what’s right. These are words we use to describe our everyday interactions as employee partners and also the approach we bring to our valued customers,” continued Yerbic.

ATS is following a six-month timeline to rollout its new brand.

About ATS:
ATS is focused on making the MRO process better through reducing span times, increasing mechanic efficiency, and lowering overall costs through maintenance prevention strategies.
Business Units are reorganized as:

  • Airframe Services: Heavy maintenance and modification
  • Ranger Asset Management: Component part sales, consignment, and inventory distribution services available for virtually every commercial airframe and engine platform. Also includes asset acquisition and teardown activities
  • Component Repair: Servicing and providing rotable exchange options for accessories, composites, electrical and fuel components, flight control surfaces, hydraulics, pneumatics and structures
  • Engineering Solutions: PMA parts, STC offerings, as well as design and repair engineering

For more information, please visit: atsmro.com, follow @atsmrotech on Twitter, join ATS on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sherry Cole Bergstrom
Director of Marketing & PR
+1 425 423 3037