FAA 145 repair station focusing on specialized machining and precision aviation component repair.

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Use our search tool to explore our component repair capabilities by part number, or download our complete capabilities list using the “Download All Capabilities” link (Excel or .CSV) and sort by ATA chapter, part number, manufacturer, description, engine model and aircraft type. This tool provides consolidated results for all of our component repair locations (American Cooler Service, Aviation Industry Repair, ATS Everett -PAE, ATS DFW, and TPS Aerospace). For further assistance on a specific part quote or to ask a question, use the “Request Quote or Information” button below.

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January 31, 2020

Everett, Washington (January 28, 2020) ― ATS, an award-winning provider of airframe MRO and component support services, unveiled its new branding strategy at its recent Quarterly Leadership Meeting. The changes include a new visual identity which simplifies its name and logo to ‘ATS’, and an updated naming structure of its business units; Both changes aim ...

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